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5 reasons when choosing an apartment for rent in Saigon Pearl


Life of luxury

Luxurious Saigon Pearl villa and apartment for rent is a 5-star project located besides the curling and dreaming Saigon River. On a golden land not too far from Saigon Central (District 1 and District 3), it takes you only 5 minutes to the central and 15 minutes to the  Tan Son Nhat domestic and international airport. Saigon Pearl proved its high class from the first sentence- the place where it is built. Saigon Pearl luxurious look comes from the layout and construction. With 3 tremendous buildings: Sapphire, Ruby and Topaz, Saigon Pearl apartment in line forms a bow-shaped catch the river breeze at dawn. In Saigon Pearl villa and apartment for rent, you have royal utilities outside such as marina, pool, BBQ restaurant, gym room, riverfront parks, primary and secondary schools, shopping malls, children playing areas comparable with 5 stars hotel. In addition to over 30000 apartments for rent and for sale in Saigon Pearl, over 150 luxury villas are designed to be in extremely luxurious class. If you own an Audi or a Porsche, go and parking in front of a villa in Saigon Pearl apartment next to riverside.

Nice Saigon Pearl villa for rent

Life of convenience

When buying or renting an apartment or villa for rent in Saigon Pearl, you will be extremely comfortable in moving to the business center in District 1 and District 3. You will be also incredibly easy to move to the industrial centers in Binh Duong Province or in District 2 where consists of many headquarters, companies, factories, and communities for foreigners in Thao Dien-An Phu. Location is a top priority that you should be interested in when renting the apartment in HCMC. You will also be more convenient in Saigon Pearl which is a senior project focused on the foreign customers. There is a community of foreigners living and working here for the reason of convenience that Saigon Pearl apartment and villas for rent offer to them. Your children needn’t move a long distance to go to the international schools in District 7 or District 2, just walk to primary and secondary bilingual schools for the development of their future. You also do not need to look for a gym or a swimming pool after a workout day because you can easily participate in the club to find companions here. And if you work late and all the food in the fridge is empty, what you need to do is visiting the restaurant or supermarket on the ground to buy all the food you like to cook. Everything you need is already prepared in Saigon Pearl apartment and villa, and you will feel that you save a lot of time there!

primary bilingual school in Saigon Pearl apartment

education system from primary to secondary school in Saigon Pearl apartment

Life of fresh!

Thao Dien Pearl apartment for rent in District 2 and Saigon Pearl apartment for rent in Binh Thanh District have common advantage that it is built besides Saigon River, but Saigon Pearl apartment for rent hit the special and hardly comparable features of being built right besides Pearl River. Moreover, Saigon Pearl apartment also boost its advantages with 8 towers which in-line bends a bow directing to river to catch more breezes. You can easily open the window to catch the wind in every morning or the cool night air. We can boldly compare drinking 5 cups or pure water with the deep breath of fresh river air over 5000 times per day. It is the desire that is not easy to get of many Saigoneer. More than fresh air, you will get a healthy living space. At riverside Park, lots of trees in the villa are like the green lungs will bring to your family fully feeling of freshness of Nature. In the hot season, life in Saigon Pearl apartment and villa is so much more comfortable than others high-class apartment projects. That is why Saigon Pearl apartment and villa has always been a destination for foreigners who are interested in their health. The value of the green River makes Saigon Pearl apartment reaches further meaning than a place to stay!

River view from Saigon apartment for rent

Life of friendliness

Many foreigners come to Saigon and rent apartment have a deep desire to live with a friendly environment for them and their family. The friendly community is evidently shown up in Saigon Pearl villa and apartment for rent area. Here, there are many separate people from many countries rent apartment so they are always in search of a few neighbors, drinking vodka, joking and together compete in body building contests. There are foreign families here and their children make friends and have fun in an open space, fresh and full of laughing sound. At Christmas, you can go door by door to collect your chocolate egg for celebration. Always have friendliness because people have some common ethics and behaviors. The Friendliness in Saigon Pearl is clearly reflected via willingness to share with each other.


Life of happiness!

When mention about comfort, friendliness, luxury or healthiness, we want to say a word more concisely but contains all. That is happiness. Initial purpose of Saigon Pearl apartment project which is located on area bigger than 100000 square meters is bringing the happiness to all residents of the 5-star Saigon Pearl apartment and villa. That is the goal that all staff of the Saigon Pearl apartment and villa comprehend as the first law. All your basic needs are met with smilling services. All is built for your health!


Saigon Pearl apartment and villa for rent is an awesome choice that you should firstly consider when choosing an apartments for rent in Saigon. There is some mixed information about Saigon Pearl and you need to find out to know to optimize your own decisions. With the luxury apartment block buildings and high-level, Saigon Pearl apartment which brings you a happy life is really the jewel of Saigon when you own it.


House in Saigon - be home, safe stay!

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