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• Our new definition: Be home, safe stay
Regional Presence, National Reach
Proud to be the first friend of many investors and visitors, is privileged to provide renting apartment in Saigon and staying services to many people worldwide via our professional and friendly staffs. We focus to serve our customer network only in the center of business of Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh city (Saigon). That ensures the best service ever we offer. If you want to travel along S-shape country, we have a nationwide network of friends to travel with you.

Non-traditional Trading: Sense of Network of friends
Our sense enables us consider our customers as our friends. We turn around to find out the best way to provide quick response, reasonable cost and easy communication.

Flat Rate Pricing
Our wide range of staffs and sense of network of friends make it possible for us to serve you faster. This means we can provide flat rate pricing and guarantee a 24/24 service for you.