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5 things to remember when find serviced apartment for rent in HCMC

How to find a good serviced apartment for rent in HCMC?” is the most popular question we receive. In order to find a good serviced apartment for rent in HCMC suits your needs, you have to consider many factors. Here are the 5 most important things you need to keep in mind when decide to rent any serviced apartments for rent in HCMC:

1 Price versus Expenses included: this is the first important things you need to be clearly defined when choosing a serviced apartment for rent in HCMC. There are many apartments for rent at reasonable price but comes with many required fees are quite high such as the elevator fees, management fees, parking fees...


This serviced apartment for rent in District 1, big balcony-wide view

2 Location versus traffic: a good service apartment will have a convenient location, close to the city center and public services such as hospitals, supermarkets, schools ... to help you save time, money and effort. But in some location, there are only one-direction streets. The traffic is like spider net and you can easily get lost and pay fine to police when you go wrong.


If your local traffic is bad, you must to get up early in the morning

3 The leasing transaction procedures versus time: you need to know exactly who the owner of the apartment for rent is and who will directly sign the contract with you. The problems related to legal need to be clearly. If you don’t follow these procedures, you may lost time and it will took real long time.


Gas bill is very easily forgotten in contract

4 Habitat or environment: you always have to learn about the habitat of the apartment for rent in HCMC that you will decide to hire. A friendly environment, a good security, as well as fresh air with many green spaces will provide you a great living space and a great life.


Some serviced apartments for rent in HCMC have free gym room

5 Extra services and benefit: you should ask about the level of services come with an apartment for rent as laundry, the sauna, the gym, ets. Is that apartment has a full range of the services that you want? How is the services quality? Besides extra one, you also should know which benefit you have right to have.


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