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5 typical types of accommodation and apartment for rent in HCMC

Whether you are the one who take first set of steps to Vietnam, or you have a long time to experience our country, you will not stop being surprised about everything. The listing task of 5 types of typical apartment for rent in HCMC aims to help you have a complete review of all options that you may have missed or a have chosen without any notice. It's really helpful because it shows you all your requirements can be reached. It is also our target for you not only to save a big money but also to find a truly home.

1.Studio for rent in Saigon

Studio is kind of small serviced apartment for rent. The space is large enough for you to live ordinarily, take a shower and have a deep sleep. Common studio often has no balcony. If you love sightseeing, opening windows, you should choose a small apartment with balcony categories with a little bit high in price. In difference with apartment, small studio for rent has no space to cook your favorite meals. It is only equipped with a refrigerator, a magnetic stove and a boiler to make an instant soup or noodle bought in supermarket. This sometimes makes women uncomfortable but very preferable for male customers. With studio, you can save a big money than the same type of property as the hotel. Studio for rent is just the perfect choice for anyone renting a room for the purpose of having dreams at nighttime and go to work at daytime.


Many studio for rent is a little bit small in District 1

2. Serviced apartment for rent in Saigon

Serviced apartment for rent in HCMC is a place where you can have a spacious living place but still meet strict requirements in service like hotel. Serviced apartment for rent are a perfect choice if you need a space to cook delicious meal for your family like in your hometown. There is a large balcony for you to taste morning coffee, a large and comfortable enough bathroom for you to relax after a stressful working hours. Bedroom is large enough to accommodate your dreams. When ownership of serviced apartments literally, you're like in your own home and can do everything you want even cook an smelling burning pork. That is the biggest difference with hotel.


Serviced apartment for rent mainly located on D1, D2, Phu Nhuan and Tan Binh District

3. Apartment for rent in Saigon

Apartment for rent differs with serviced apartment for rent in that instead of letting someone else take care of your family with services like laundry or cleaning, you spend time to care for your family with all heart and love. So the difference between serviced apartments and apartments for rent is not too large. You even have a personal space and not to disturb by others. Responsibility for maintenance, repair appliances in your home now belongs to you. You take care of every little detail as if it was your home and you normally deposit 2 to 3 months rental apartments to the owners. Those who are caring love this kind of properties of apartments too much. You should take notice that when renting apartments, you are sure rental price is inclusive of 10% VAT and includes the cost of the building management fee. If you forget it, you will often additionally pay about 20% more original numbers. Apartment for rent is kind of common and easy choice in terms of using area. There are many types from 1 to 3 bedrooms with multiple views. So, do not be afraid to ask specific to realtor and you will own an apartment as your wish.


An apartment for rent in District 1 with tennis court


and children playing ground

4. House for rent in Saigon

House for rent is usually suitable for groups of foreign students who want a convenient place to stay. House for rent generally has many rooms and the family members share together. Often you can only rent whole house because residence for foreigner law. If you have an idea to rent a house, first find a friend in common. Rental price of house is much cheaper than the price of apartments for rent because of ordinary furniture, not including security services, swimming pool, gym, sauna and other facilities. The most important issue when you choose a rental house is you should ask the landlord to register residence permission for you and to install fire extinguishers. You pay a big fines if you do not pay attention to 2 these things.


House for rent seems to big for one foreign family

5. Villa for rent in Saigon

Villa for rent are mainly located in Thao Dien district 2. You can rent a villa in a soft price with a big garden in order to plan any favorite trees, a green space cover by Saigon river winds and luxurious interior. The area of the villa for rent is large enough for your family and a few friends to share. The biggest problem of the villa for rent is security issues and you need to consider carefully when deciding to rent.


Villa for rent usually contain swimming pool

The solution is that you can hire security guards for gardening and house cleaning and protect your assets also. Often this cost is not high in comparison with the cost of laundry, cleaning and car parking costs add up. Villa for rent can also register as an office of your company and it is not only used for residential purposes. In a nutshell, Villa Rental is a perfect choice even for the most fastidious one. It gives you a feeling of peace in the city and the busiest rush. It's better than living in a quality rental apartments or serviced apartments for rent in HCMC. If you need a space good for your health, go for villa for rent!


House in Saigon - be home, safe stay!

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