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7 model apartments for rent in Saigon


Saigon is both ancient and modern city with a dynamic investment environment which draws much attention from potential investors and international corporations. Currently, Vietnam is on the way to open ourselves to the world. More and more people come to Vietnam, stay and work. Therefore, demand on staying and working places increase then the residential services consequently vary numerous choices for people in need, from many nations, many cultures with many different living spaces. Ability of understanding living space in model apartments for rent in Saigon help you with extremely useful information then you can decide which suitable choice of apartment for you and your dearest family. Maybe after you chose a suitable apartment, you will come up to us and say in excited maner: thanks for giving our family a home! And that's all what we want.

We introduce 7 typical apartments for you to find where the most suitable point in your interest is.

Apartment for rent without kitchen

For those people who are busy with working places, renting a large apartment for living is a huge waste. This apartment model designed to give you the deep sleep with comfort, the quiet morning coffee time and relaxing moment of the end of the day to take a warm tub bath. You do not need to worry about cleaning, laundry and security for this type of apartment. You will feel safe when everything is ready to please you.


where you can find how beautiful your dream is!

1-bedroom-apartment with European design

Let’s imagine that you own a one bedroom rental apartment in luxury European design at extremely busiest center of Ho Chi Minh City. The decoration things in the living room such as an big and twinkle lamps lit out the room in harmony with light from table lamp, a large paintings on the walls mixed with a little bit of ancient art, the paper wall stickers show floating sparkling golden pattern and a polished floor like the mirror reflecting the colorful space filled with golden light above in warm and comfortable. Bedroom of this apartment for rent is designed simply to bring you the most comfort possible to have sweet dreams. Having a window in bedroom gives you a chance to enjoy the cool fresh air at midnight, the thick and heavy curtains to hide outside light and protect your deeper sleep. Over the head of the bed is a picture makes you  really relaxing and comfortable. There are also many yellow lights to illuminate for warming your sleep. If you are an Asian to choose this type of European apartments, take more notice! You will feel very hot when staying in apartment for rent in Saigon.


yellow light warm up apartment for rent in Saigon

1-bedroom-apartment with Asian style

Typically, one bedroom apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City are usually designed in Asian decorating style more than European style because the numbers of Asians come and stay to work in Saigon is significant more than Europeans. This style is suitable for people who have Korean, Japanese, Taiwan, Indian, Russian, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesian and Vietnamese nationality. Apartments for rent are mostly decorated with wooden furniture: grey wooden doors, yellow wooden tables, wooden beds, wooden cabinets, wooden kitchen and wooden floors. The highlight of the decoration of this type of apartment is the square and rectangular shapes of furniture having the meaning of prosperity in East Asia culture. Besides, there are some patterns in circular harmonize with square one such as pottery art, paintings circle, flower pots. In addition, this serviced apartment style using natural light from the outside through large window and large balcony.  Everything makes you feel natural. The money you pay monthly for this type of apartment for rent in Ho Chi Minh City will make you feel worthy.


wooden furniture and big window

2-bedroom-apartment for rent with European style

To better fit the needs of large spaces to live of European customers, 2-bedroom apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City is also a priority when investors design. This type of apartment for rent can compare area with 3-bedrooms of Asian style because European tends to live in bigger one. The decoration of this type of apartment is luxurious as much as type of 1-bedroom apartments in the same row. The point to take notice for this type of 2 bedrooms apartment for rent is you can ask for a 3 beds arrangement. So as you can share your flat at least with 2 trustworthy colleagues and no need to choose 3 bedrooms apartment for rent with higher prices.


splitted bed in an apartment for rent in Saigon, District 1

2-bedroom apartment for rent in Saigon with Asian style

Area of this type of apartment for rent is little smaller than the type of apartment-style Europe but in return, you get more designed windows and beautiful views with much natural light as possible. Natural designed pattern in apartment for rent helps you get a comfortable life and peace.


be healthy with natural light

3-bedroom apartment for rent in Saigon

3 bedroom apartment mainly follows European style with an extremely large area suitable for large family which stays long term in Vietnam. Main bedroom is designed with luxurious facilities: ample cupboards, dressing table and computer desk. Guest rooms are decorated with lights and grand sofa for a large family. Dining room and kitchen are spacious and well equipped to help your family have a delicious meals and warm atmosphere.


where people come and share togather


Penthouse apartment is the hobby of many business people and the elderly need a really relaxing space to enjoy life at different level. Penthouses are furnished with selected item wearing well-known brands. Only one word to describe this penthouse apartment for rent when you first see is DELUXE. You will have a yard wide enough for you to plant tree you like, a perfect place to organize the windy party with friends and family. This is really a paradise of apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City.

    inside an luxurious apartment for rent in Saigon has jacuzzi services for you


House in Saigon - be home, safe stay!

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