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How to rent a serviced apartment in Saigon (HCMC)?


With an safe and stable investment environment which enhanced by geopolitical position in Asia and low labor costs, Vietnam increasingly attracts foreigners come, live and work. Besides the favorable potential investment environment, there are many initial difficulty which are not concerned enough for its importance. That is the differences in Eastern and Western Culture. This difference clearly demonstrates in renting house or apartment in first step of the process of living and working in Vietnam. The purpose of this article is help you have a clearer view of the real estate market, house and apartment for rent in Saigon and how you get a successful contract as a favorable starting point for the process of your life in Vietnam.

As we see, the progress of renting apartment in Saigon is not only complex for foreigners but also for Saigoneer. We divide the process of renting an apartment in Saigon into 7 steps with some helpful notes for you.

Location, we repeat, location!

Before arriving in Saigon, surely priority of excursion is the understanding the overall map of the city of 8 million people. Many Saigoneer even get lost if they do not have a map or a smartphone with Google-maps in hand. Saigon is a complex city with many roads and intersections in tandem. The first thing affects your decision choose apartment for rent is location of your office. If your company has several agencies, you also need to consider. You need to determine which District you will rent to easily go to work and also alternative District. A common example is a foreigner would choose apartments for rent in District 1 and District 3 in order to get advance in working and shopping but if you need bigger apartment for rent, you must look for one in farther District like District 2 or District 7. Saigon Pearl apartment in Binh Thanh District is an additional choice with 5 minutes to go to Saigon Business Center. Our advice is, ask your broker advices and consistent with your initial location selection, you will get desired apartment and save time in transportation.


This apartment for rent in Binh Thanh District, 5 to 10 minutes to business center

How long is your ruler?

The identification of standards such as usable area, decorative furniture, number of floors, number of bedrooms, renting price and extra services is extremely important. It helps you to filter information more quickly and you can more effectively in finding desired apartments and houses for rent in Saigon. However, the determination of acceptably alternative selection compared with the initial selection is also important. For example, you rent 2 apartments of 1 bedroom type, well furnished with good price of $ 700 for you and your colleagues and possibly rent 1 apartments of 2 separate bedrooms furnished with price of $ 1,200. You can save $ 200 with second choice. Everyone can choose a smaller high-view condo for rent in Saigon instead of the low position apartment with big area. Apartment for rent in Saigon is extremely diverse and it is so important that, you also need to have certain various standard, you'll quickly get new home!


Never rent alone

Rental market in Saigon is a new market therefore head companies broker in Google ranking board is not totally trustworthy real estate agent with good quality and reliability in their services. The best way to know is call a few telephone calls and ask some questions and you will know which real estate company you should go with. Then you send them your criteria and information via email. After sending the request to the broker, you need to wait for a approximately period of 6 hours to check e-mail inbox to see what you will have. The process fourth step completely by email because you will receive images of apartment for rent in Saigon with a luxurious living room, cozy bedroom, a paradise for cooking and a terrace with a party weekend. Step 4 helps you save a huge amount of time.


Great place to cook in apartment for rent

Exploration steps

This step is testing procedure to check all images you in your inbox. It makes your more confident when you observe apartment for rent by your eyes and the owners are very welcome with this. However, to save time, you also need to think about the contract and ask your broker to draft a contract. By the way you go and look for the chosen apartment, carry along with you a contract and deposit for signing contract in case you feel satisfied with that house, villa or condo for rent in Saigon.


Get over the first step

Contract and its terms play an extremely important role. You need to think about it. You also need to think about it again and carefully. It helps you protect your deserve right and profit during rental period in villa, house or apartment for rent in Saigon. Payment every month instead of every 3 months is a good deal. The owners ignore the importance of the contract because they do not want you to pay more attention to it. But please pay more attentions because you only get the benefits when you get over the normal steps.


Gym usually is extra services when you rent an apartment

Rolling your pen

The contract may not necessarily be signed in that chosen apartment. You can request a place at a favorite coffee shop or a restaurant. The contract is the result of a long process of searching before you bring your suitcase into new condo for rent in Saigon. Please choose the most beautiful pen and do not forget to bring the deposit.
That's seven important steps that we noted previously with the hope to help you find your needs!


Good luck!

House in Saigon - be home, safe stay!

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