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Low or high view is better choice of apartment for rent in Saigon?

Choose an apartment for rent in Saigon based on low-high view criteria strongly impact your life.


View direct to the symbol tower of Saigon- Bitexco Tower


Most foreign customers of our agency or foreign customers of others tend to choose apartment for rent on the high position of tower. The first advantage of that type of apartment is you are one of the first people touch the Sun of the Saigon city. On a high view apartment for rent in the center of Saigon, no one can bother you to enjoy the scene of traditional and modern Saigon. Such a high apartment located besides Saigon River like Saigon Pearl apartment and villa for rent, The Manor condo for rent. It is great to have a barbecue on such a windy balcony with friend and family. Moreover, temperature at such height slightly lower than normal and you can have a great air to breathe and stay away from the noise of vehicles.



Furniture of high view condo for rent sometimes only plays a secondary role

There are also some extraordinary cases that our customers ask for a lower condo for rent. The reason is their parents are old and they want to be safe in case of fire. Low apartments in Saigon Pearl and The Manor condo for rent are still good in comparison among 5 typical condos and apartments for rent in Saigon

Upon the data from our agency, others and from investor of some residence project in Saigon, we can conclude that high view apartment for rent is the best choice of all.


House in Saigon - be home, safe stay!

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