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Remember 5 things when you rent apartment and house in Thao Dien


We will get a serious mistake if we did not mention Thao Dien residence in District 2 when we mention about luxurious apartments for rent in Saigon. Thao Dien is one of the most luxurious largest area for foreigners in Saigon. At the entrance of Thao Dien area, there are 2 new and modern Thao Dien Pearl tower like a signal says welcome to you. In Thao Dien area, there are a lot of apartments, villas and houses for rent and it is a great accomodation choice foreigners and especially Europe foreigners. More people come and stay here for the reasons villa, houses and apartment for rent have an airy living space, clean, quiet and windy place besides Saigon River. It is not hard to meet some foreigners are jogging along the roads of green trees in residence area, the Western boys with blue eyes are cycling to school built especially to them. If you come here once, you will realize that, Thao Dien is paradise for those who know to enjoy life!



You can lose from 100 to 200 USD per month if you do not choose the right agency

It means that you lost at least from $1200 to $2400 for 1 year just to pay for the rent. It's a tremendous number! In order to rent villas, houses and apartments for rent in Thao Dien, real estate agency is the most important selection. The realtors themselves usually raise renting rate up to 10% to pick money from customer’s pocket even though they are paid by the landlords and owners of apartment for rent. However, all of apartments with luxurious furniture and accompanying services have no familiar comparison in this case. Simply answer that you will get what you paid. So, you need to clarify which case you are in to be able to make a correct decision.


a luxurious apartment for rent in Thao Dien

Take notice to percentage 10% VAT
We have seen many cases like these following: 1 customer the name John took his precious time to go  and see available apartments for rent in Saigon and brought the deposit of $1,000 for two-bedroom apartments which is fully furnished. John and his wife are very pleased with the apartment's interior. They prepared to sign the renting contract and suddenly discovered that the renting rate they pay is not $1,000 but $1,100 instead. John and his wife decided cancelling the contract and got angry and then went back to the hotel. In this situation can not say who is wrong or right but the owners, realtors, and both John and his wife all takes time and money to sign a contract because John did not notice that $1000 does not include VAT. Therefore, the same way should be careful when you choose apartments for rent in Thao Dien, as well as apartments for rent in Ho Chi Minh City. 10% can somehow make you feel that real estate agency is deceptive.


Be careful when choosing home and villa for rent in Thao Dien because it has a high risk of subsidence.

Living near the river help you get a fresh space which you can’t easily buy from supermarket. However, there is also another face like risk of erosion which leads villa or apartment in this area to be sunken, cracked walls. All these open a feeling of unsafety for you and your family. This subsidence occurs frequently caused cracks on walls then rainwater go into the walls villas, houses for rent and cause mold and smell especially in the rainy months in Saigon. However, if you have no additional apartment for rent, you can ask the owner to have periodic inspection over subsidence, cracking and water infiltration in contract.


Saigon River in Thao Dien

You should select the villas, houses and apartments for rent in Thao Dien in the south of Thao Dien

In the northern of Thao Dien, population is low and mainly locating there big villa with large garden, big road and dangerous a little bit when you riding motorbike alone at night. For the location near the river and low altitude, the street becomes the river with amaze you a lot. Choose the southern for you will be more convenient to move, shopping and working.


twinkle swimming pool of an apartment for rent in Thao Dien

No luxurious services in Thao Dien?

That's a question you should ask the landlords and realtors few years ago and now Thao Dien dressed up a luxurious look, so different and more dynamic. At the present time, in Thao Dien residential area, any services you desired can be met. You can find a specialty or an item that you at home country just in Thao Dien even you are from Africa or Latin America. Convenient shop open 24/24 with variety of commodities and goods for foreign people who are staying in these villas, houses and apartments for rent in Thao Dien. People live here nearly can use basic English in interaction so you can avoid awkward situations. You can walk for a shiny, do gym, cycling and have a conversation with people living here without barrier at all. You can live like Thao Dien as your hometown. You also needn’t care what school your boy and girl can study because there are English educational environment taught by Westerners. Thao Dien completely has education system for your children and also have residence hall. Go to Thao Dien residential area, remember that you are coming to a foreign community in Vietnam. So don’t hesitate any longer, choose a villa, a house or an apartment for rent in Thao Dien for your suitable living space beloved family.


and gym room for body building


House in Saigon - be home, safe stay!

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